Music Production

Recording Studio

Clearwater studios can deliver your project quickly and at an affordable budget.

Our friendly in-house engineer/producer Dave Macfarlane has several years’ experience working in a range of genres as an engineer/producer and songwriter/arranger and can deliver great sounding results quickly and easily.  He is also proficient various instruments including fiddle(violin), mandolin and guitar/bass guitar, and can contribute instrumental parts and arrangement as part of the session if required

you can check out his website here to see some of his previous work.


We can tailor recording sessions to your needs, whether you want just mixing/mastering of pre-recorded tracks, or require full production of a finished product EP/album we can help. For outside engineers or bands that would like to produce themselves, you have the option of taking the multitracks away with you on a hard drive to mix at home.


Please call Dave on 07742 525 546 or email to discuss your requirements and get a quotation.

Studio Specs:

2 live rooms, plus smaller booth beside control room

Dual-monitor Mac Pro

Avid I/O – up to 192Khz/24bit recording

24 input analog mixing console

Genelec full-range monitoring

Yamaha NS10m nearfield monitors

Multi-channel headphone amplifier to provide individual monitor mixes

Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser studio headphones


TL Audio Indigo-series valve preamps, equalisers and compressors

Focusrite Red3 compressor/limiter (very much sought-after!)

Sony/Yamaha reverb/effects processors


Logic Pro / Pro Tools HD

UAD Plugins including Studer A800, Urei 1176, LA2a emulations

Waves Bundle

Melodyne DNA

Lots of guitar amp sims including Peavey Revalver and Amplitube

Slate Trigger drum replacement software


Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenser

Sony C-800G valve mic (very rare and sought-after!)

Neumann KM184 pair

Akg D12 (original vintage kick drum mic)

Large selection of other quality dynamic/condenser mics (Rode, Shure, Akg etc.)

Vintage Instruments and Amplifiers:

We have a large range of instruments and amplifiers etc that will be made available to you at request for your recording session